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Unused Toll Fee to Be Refunded to Hertz Corporation Customers

Bill McCollum, the Attorney General of Florida, “announced that his office has reached an agreement with The Hertz Corporation over allegations that customers were not clearly informed about the terms of usage for toll pass services offered by Hertz. Under the agreement, customers who rented cars from Hertz in Florida between February 9, 2009 and March 31, 2010 will be entitled to refunds for fees charged for the ‘Plate Pass’ service on days they did not use the service.”

Furthermore, “Customers may download a claim for reimbursement on the Attorney General’s website at, or they may call 1-866-966-7226 to request a reimbursement form by mail. Claims forms must be submitted on or before January 16, 2011 as determined by postmark date.

Ancillary fees can be justified as long as the person paying those fees are getting value. However, we at TruPri¢e are vehemently against fees being paid with no consideration in return. We applaud Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum for proactively working with Hertz.


Rental Car Fee Advice…by John Tesh

Actually, the sparse and barely helpful rental car fee advice is attributed to auto rental consultant Neil Abrams and USA Today, but yes, this is the same John Tesh that was the host of the Entertainment Tonight television program…

…and no, we will bet that the Karen Carpenter he discusses in his example is not the famous late singer…

Higher Car Rental Fees Based on Where You Live?!?

You might be paying more in ancillary fees for your rental car based solely on where you live.

In New York City, for example, car rental companies Dollar and Thrifty charge an additional $55.00 per day for Brooklyn residents, $53.00 per day for Bronx residents, and $11.00 for the residents of Queens — all to rent the same exact vehicle, according to an article written by Tara MacIsaac of The Epoch Times.

An unidentified employee of Dollar claimed that the charges are necessary “due to the cost of insurance and the things that happen in those boroughs.”

Manhattan residents reportedly enjoy lower insurance rates because they use their vehicles less frequently than residents of the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens, where claims also show increased theft and accidents compared to other boroughs.

One Brooklynite complained that this particular fee was not included in the car rental rate quote found on the Internet and “was slapped with this extra fee when it came time to pay.”

Lawmakers are urging New Yorkers to boycott Dollar and Thrifty for this rental practice, which other car rental companies have already abandoned.

What Car Rental Company Do Consumers Like the Best?

Our friends at J.D. Power and Associates — yes, J.D. Power and Associates and TruPri¢e really do keep in touch with each other — surveyed greater than 11,500 airport car rental counters all over the United States for their 2010 Rental Car Satisfaction Study and have declared who is the best, where and why.

Among the many criteria used by J.D. Power and Associates is the reaction by passengers regarding costs and fees of car rentals.

Discrimination Against Drivers Younger Than 25 Years of Age?

Do rental car companies discriminate against drivers who are younger than 25 years of age by charging them an extra fee simply because of their age?

This “blogger” believes so.

Those who support the fee argue that drivers younger than 25 years old are statistically more likely to be involved in a car accident.

What are your thoughts?

Car Rental Fee Increase at California Airports

Despite losing passengers in the past ten years, Los Angeles International Airport has increased rental car fees, primarily to fund the construction of a new consolidated rental car facility, according to this report from Limousine, Charter and Tour.

Airports in California currently assess a $10.00 fee per car rental, no matter the length or duration of the rental period. However, the airports now have the option to base the charge on the number of days a vehicle is rented, up to a maximum of five days.

This rental car fee increase follows the recent 33 percent increase on limousine fees.

Additional $3.00 Fee Per Day for Rental Car Customers in Montgomery, Alabama?

Last week, the finance committee voted unanimously to propose imposing a Customer Facility Fee of $3.00 per day on rental car contracts at the airport in Montgomery, Alabama.

The governing board of Montgomery Regional Airport will consider the fee this coming Tuesday at its monthly meeting, but rental car companies are protesting it, saying that the proposed fee would put too much financial burden on their customers.

According to an article published in the Montgomery Advertiser by writer Cosby Woodruff, “rental car costs vary greatly at the airport, but fees are added to the bill for everyone who rents a car there. The airport charges a 12 percent concession fee on every rental, and city and state fees and taxes add another 8 percent. If the new fee is approved, a customer with a week’s rental on a car listed at $50.00 per day would pay $91.00 in total fees and taxes.”