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Censorship on Avoiding Baggage Fees?

Scott Jordan, Chief Executive Officer and founder of SCOTTEVEST/SeV Travel Clothing, alleges that the editorial staff of Sky, the official on-board magazine for Delta Air Lines, has rejected an advertisement he wanted to place in that magazine because it markets its products as a means to “stay organized and avoid extra baggage fees” with “the most stylish way to beat the system.”

However, does buying products from SCOTTEVEST/SeV Travel Clothing really help passengers avoid extra baggage fees? Does Sky magazine have the right to refuse advertising any way they choose as they see fit, and is this alleged refusal a way of protecting the business of Delta Air Lines? Is this issue legitimate, or simply a public relations tactic?

The story, as well as the controversial advertisements, a link to a video statement by Mr. Jordan, and links to related news and social media Internet web sites can be found here. Judge for yourself.

What do you think?


Are Naked Airline Passengers on Airplanes Next?

The Association of British Travel Agents claims that “naked cruising” is the latest travel trend for 2010, according to travelweekly.

Whether or not this is barely a good idea, could it expose the notion that charging ancillary baggage fees might become obsolete if airline passengers flew naked on-board aircraft? After all — to ad-dress this concept — if one does not wear clothes, one may pack little to nothing at all as a result…