An Interview with Richard Anderson

A local television station in the Atlanta area interviewed Richard Anderson, the chief executive officer of Delta Air Lines, about the eventual proliferation of aircraft by Southwest Airlines at the international airport in Atlanta, airfares, unions — and fees:

“Are you contemplating any changes in your policies especially when it comes to fees and change fees and whatever, in order to meet this competition head on?” Bill Liss of WXIA-TV asked.

“All you need to do is sign up for an American Express SkyMiles card, and all your bags are free,” Anderson said.

“What happens if I don’t sign up?” Liss asked.

“Well just sign up, and so we don’t have to talk about it,” Anderson said.

“So you don’t necessarily see any changes in your bag fee or changes in change fees or anything, simply because Southwest is coming in?” Liss asked.

“We make those decisions unilaterally, so normally I would not speak about fares or pricing issues in the future,” Anderson said.

That means, at least for now, no American Express SkyMiles Card — pay the baggage fee. Change your flight and expect a fee.


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