Premium International Economy Comfort Class Introduced on Delta Air Lines — For a Fee

Delta Air Lines announced today that a new international Economy Comfort section for long-haul flights will be introduced this summer, with features that include complimentary alcoholic beverages throughout the flight, additional leg room, slightly more seat recline, a specially designed seat cover, additional complimentary in-flight entertainment options, and in-seat power for electronic devices.

A fee of between US$80.00 and US$160.00 will be assessed for those passengers who want seats in this new economy class section, but will be complimentary for Diamond Medallion and Platinum Medallion Delta Air Lines SkyMiles members and up to eight of their companions. Gold Medallion SkyMiles members will be eligible for a 50% discount on the fee for these seats, while Silver Medallion SkyMiles members will be eligible for a 25% discount.

Paying the fee for this new product offered by Delta Air Lines can offset and supersede other existing fees, such as fees for alcoholic beverages and certain options for in-flight entertainment, both of which can help make a long-haul international flight more tolerable.

Depending on the weight one places on the comfort and amenities offered with Economy Comfort, the fee may actually be worth it. If, however, one brings one’s own portable media player, does not imbibe in alcoholic beverages, does not need the upgraded features of the seats that are designed to offer slightly extra comfort, skip this option as the value of these benefits would not justify the fees.


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