Higher Car Rental Fees Based on Where You Live?!?

You might be paying more in ancillary fees for your rental car based solely on where you live.

In New York City, for example, car rental companies Dollar and Thrifty charge an additional $55.00 per day for Brooklyn residents, $53.00 per day for Bronx residents, and $11.00 for the residents of Queens — all to rent the same exact vehicle, according to an article written by Tara MacIsaac of The Epoch Times.

An unidentified employee of Dollar claimed that the charges are necessary “due to the cost of insurance and the things that happen in those boroughs.”

Manhattan residents reportedly enjoy lower insurance rates because they use their vehicles less frequently than residents of the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens, where claims also show increased theft and accidents compared to other boroughs.

One Brooklynite complained that this particular fee was not included in the car rental rate quote found on the Internet and “was slapped with this extra fee when it came time to pay.”

Lawmakers are urging New Yorkers to boycott Dollar and Thrifty for this rental practice, which other car rental companies have already abandoned.


One response to “Higher Car Rental Fees Based on Where You Live?!?

  1. Yes, boycotting is the ONLY way of getting your point across. I’m boycotting flying, I wish more people would just do this peaceful sort of rebellion.

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