TruPrice Recommended at American Express OPEN Forum

We truly appreciate having TruPri¢e mentioned by author and personal finance expert Jean Chatzky here in the Top 10 List: Airline Fees – And How to Avoid Them, as quoted below from the American Express OPEN forum:

“Finally, a bit of advice: is a pretty handy new site that helps you calculate how much your trip will end up costing, including fees for checked bags and any extra services you select. That way, you can set an accurate budget for your trip. As a small business owner myself, I know how important that is.”

However, we like to be as fair as possible and must correct Ms. Chatzky on one item in her article. She mentions the following about the carry-on baggage fee imposed by Spirit Airlines this past summer:

“Carry on bag.  You read that correctly – you just can’t win if you’re flying Spirit Airlines. They began charging $30 for a carry on bag on August 1, and that’s if you let them know in advance.  A last minute addition paid for at the gate will cost you $45.  In this case, you can actually save $5 by checking your bag.”

Passengers of Spirit Airlines with carry-on baggage can save money on the fee altogether — that is, carry on their bags for free without paying the carry-on baggage fee — if the bag fits under the seat in front of the passenger, as clearly defined by Spirit Airlines.

Finally, another way to avoid paying some of the fees on her list altogether is to achieve elite status in a frequent flier loyalty program on at least one airline. While this certainly can be easy to do if flying frequently enough, there are ways to achieve frequent flier elite status with little flying, or even with no flying whatsoever. FlyerTalk is a great Internet web site filled with tips and advice on how to qualify for frequent flier elite status with minimal effort, depending on the airline.


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  1. Congrats Brian on the recognition

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