National Opt-Out Day: November 24, 2010

For those of you who loathe at the thought of going through a Advanced Imaging Technology, or AIT, full-body scanner machine at an airport security checkpoint, you can choose to participate in National Opt-Out Day: November 24, 2010, aimed at effectively calling negative attention to the use of these machines in the hopes of eventually lessening or eliminating their use altogether because of privacy and health concerns.

However, some argue that National Opt-Out Day will be ineffective, as it calls for travelers to “opt-out” of being scanned by a full-body imaging machine and instead undergo the alternative of an enhanced — and some say invasive — pat-down of your entire body which includes the touching of your private areas by Transportation Security Administration — or TSA — personnel. There are those who argue that the alternative is worse than the machines targeted by this protest.

Another argument against this movement is that it will allegedly inhibit travel by unnecessarily increasing lines and wait times at airport security checkpoints.

The most incredible part of all of this is that these invasive airport security procedures are allegedly financed by you through fees that are a part of the airfare that you paid.


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