American’s US Domestic Ticket Change Fee Found in Japan!

After seeing Charlie Leocha’s challenge to find American Airlines’ domestic ticket change fee, I made it a personal crusade to find it.  I dug.  And I dug.  Almost all the way to China I dug. Then I threw up my shovel and admitted to Charlie that we could not find it except in some cryptic reference cited in American’s Your Choice option (you know, the fee that you pay to pay a lesser fee if you incur a fee).

But today I hit paydirt.  Seems I was digging toward the wrong Asian destination.  Instead of China, I should have aimed my shovel at Japan.  For there, in the Land of the Rising Sun, quietly sat the American Airlines’ domestic change fee.  So quiet.  So innocent.  So dated.  Yes, seems there was an announcement posted on the AA Japan site that showed all of the updated (and upped) fees.

The whole process had me questioning my own methods.  Why didn’t I think to look at AA’s Japan site for this information?  My CMO calmed me down with some words of comfort.  But the only thing that’ll get me past this is knowing just what Charlie’s prize will be for finding that elusive fee.



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