Are Ancillary Fees Driving Passengers Away From Larger Airlines?

Gary Stoller writes in USA Today that extra fees add to travelers’ disdain for bigger airlines, as they do not like being “nickeled and dimed to death.”

Because of this, the trend is that apparently smaller airlines rank higher than larger ones to consumers who travel.

Kerry Hester, US Airways senior vice president, allegedly says that ancillary fees are “critical to find new sources of revenue. If we can’t do that, we’ll cease to exist.”

We at TruPri¢e actually agree with that statement — to a point. If fees are not easy to find, if passengers are surprised by them while traveling, if fees are high or too numerous, that could actually deter a passenger from wanting to purchase an airfare on that airline versus a competing airline. Airlines need revenue; we recognize that and support airlines on profiting however they can — within reason. Airlines simply need to find that “sweet spot” where they can profit without irritating their passengers.


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