Purchasing Airline Frequent Flier Miles: Is It Worth It?

It may not always be worth purchasing bonus airline miles, says Scott McCartney, writer of The Middle Seat travel column for The Wall Street Journal in this article.

Amongst the cogent reasons and examples cited by Mr. McCartney, one that caught our attention was the processing fee of up to $30.00 charged by some airlines to purchase, transfer or gift frequent flier miles. This processing fee is charged in addition to the cost per mile purchased and the federal excise tax of 7.5%.

What exactly is the purpose of this processing fee? Why is it charged?

Meanwhile, Seth Miller, author of The Wandering Aramean weblog, discusses about When focusing on points is a bad idea. The same can arguably be said for frequent flier miles.


One response to “Purchasing Airline Frequent Flier Miles: Is It Worth It?

  1. There ya go, now that’s good customer service! Reward them for being good customers BUT charge them for the reward. Customer service has gone down the drain, don’t you think? Again I say, stop being good “marks” for these shysters!

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