Controversy Surrounding the Mad As Hell About Hidden Fees Campaign

Only yesterday did we publish the news about Mad As Hell Day on September 23, 2010, and already some controversy is brewing as a result — and TruPri¢e has unexpectedly been caught up in a part of it.

Timothy O’Neil-Dunne wrote an interesting piece called A curious riddle hidden inside the Hidden Fees campaign for Tnooz, claiming that “deeper scrutiny of the campaign begins to unravel the coalition’s story, as the website makes some strong claims.”

After a detailed explanation to back his claims, Mr. O’Neil-Dunne writes the following:

“So while the coalition (consisting of the American Society of Travel Agents [ASTA], Business Travel Coalition [BTC], and Consumer Travel Alliance [CTA]) is making a big deal about hidden ancillary fees it does seem that the standard processes for the information are currently available and made so using standard channels that are well established and heavily used.

“Thus the fees are not hidden. Sadly this seems to disparage the work that many, if not the vast majority, of Travel Agents do in their day-to-day lives.

“Does anyone like fees? Probably not, but they are here to stay.

“Are they displayed in the easiest format? Also probably not, but anyone who deals with fares on either a regular or occasional basis cannot help but recognize that airline fare rules are at best described as complex.

It should be carefully considered that additional regulation in this area will actually be detrimental to the process of selling travel and create additional work for no additional compensation for these agents.

“The old adage of “be careful what you wish for” might actually be very appropriate here.”

TruPri¢e, as we repeatedly explain — the last time being as late as only yesterday — helps traveling passengers significantly with the display of ancillary airline fee information not only by listing the ancillary fees of 17 different domestic airlines in the United States, but by also allowing direct side-by-side comparisons of those airline fees in a simple, easy-to-use interface.

Before the comments section was closed, we at TruPri¢e read the following now-deleted comment from its author, who shall remain anonymous:

“Anyone want to know the real story about Consumer Travel Alliance? I can’t believe they haven’t been outed for their profit making motive behind the upfront fee disclosure. I’d be surprised but not very if (name withheld) is even aware of the link between CTA and

We do not understand the meaning or purpose behind the posting of this statement or the reasons behind why it was posted, but — to set the record straight — at this time TruPri¢e has no official ties or links with any person or group, as we are an independent entity.

We have worked very hard to gain the trust of those who believe in us and have no intention to compromise that trust in any way whatsoever — period. End of story.


2 responses to “Controversy Surrounding the Mad As Hell About Hidden Fees Campaign

  1. Every time the true is told there’s always the “other” side trying to divert unwarranted attention, by pushing back at the source. I wouldn’t give it a second thought, we know where you’re coming from.

  2. Wisely the TNooz editorial team closed the comment section as it was getting personal and nasty.

    I duly note your statement that Truprice is not associated or affiliated in any way with the Mad as Hell chaps.



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