Should the Trend of Airline Fees End?

Michael Hiltzik of the Los Angeles Times writes negatively about ancillary airline fees in his article, Airline fees keep arriving, nonstop, saying that “if passengers don’t put their feet down now, this trend will never end.”

Is the trend of ancillary airline fees all that bad? Should it end?

We at TruPri¢e are dedicated to ensuring that the true cost of travel is clear and simplified while allowing for a side-by-side comparison of hundreds of airline fees from 17 different domestic airlines in the United States. As we have stated multiple times in the past, we are not against airlines charging fees, as they certainly have a right to make money — especially after collectively losing billions of dollars in recent years. We simply believe that consumers have the right to know the true price of the total cost of their trip before leaving their home or office to embark on their journey and not be surprised by extra costs at the very last minute.

So what do you think? Should the implementation of airline fees end, should they continue, or is there a happy medium for both the airlines and its customers?


One response to “Should the Trend of Airline Fees End?

  1. Of COURSE they should end. How can it possibly be good? I’m with Michael Hiltzik, we MUST stop playing the “patsy”. Let’s put our collective feet (?) down and just quit flying.

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