Airline Fees are Great for Customers!

If your impression regarding ancillary airline fees is negative overall, Rafi Mohammed wants to know if your mind has changed about airline fees after reading this article he wrote for TheStreet, which proclaims that airline fees are great for customers.

However, as we first pointed out here, we believe that the costs incurred at a movie theater to its customers — an example used by Mohammed in his article — are not analogous to the fees charged by airlines.


One response to “Airline Fees are Great for Customers!

  1. What a bunch of “feel good” propaganda! I wonder who he’s REALLY working for…. If airlines were truly interested in giving us a choice, the “base” price would be lower than it is now, don’t you think? The travel industry, in general, has gone downhill, plain and simple. They’re taking us “for a ride”, so to speak, then trying to convince us they’re doing us a favor by treating us horribly. Fun times!

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