The Eight Most Outrageous Fees

While carry-on luggage fees are certainly included on this list provided by Wallet Pop, there are other fees that are quite outrageous:

  1. Carry-on luggage fees
  2. Car rental early return fees
  3. Hotel fees for towels and hairdryer use
  4. Pay to talk to an employee
  5. Early mobile telephone termination fees
  6. Printing a ticket at home
  7. Inactive bank account
  8. Property transfer fee

Do you believe that TruPrice should expand beyond airline fees to include some or all of the different industries included on the list shown above?


2 responses to “The Eight Most Outrageous Fees

  1. Add Ticketmaster to your list. $45 in fees on $75 worth of tickets, including $4.50 fee to print my own tickets, with my paper and my ink, and if the artist cancels, you don’t get your fees refunded.

  2. Oh yes, please do, we need all the help we can get! Seems like a natural progression for you to post fees of all kinds. Thanks for all you do.

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