American’s fees leave even the experts baffled.

In this post by consumer advocate and savvy traveler Charlie Leocha, he’s left at a loss to find change fees for American airlines.  No small potatoes, ticket change fees can be as high as $150 plus fare changes for domestic tickets.  While American offers the ability to pay a fee to avoid a fee, essentially stating that one of the perks of their “Your Choice” program is the ability to “save $75 off the regular $150 service charge, when applicable,” we have been unable to find a reference anywhere on AA’s site or in its contract of carriage stating that ticket change fees are normally $150.00.  Just the opposite.  TruPrice has identified the following language directly from AA’s site:

Change fees/penalties may vary by markets and fare basis types.   Change fees/penalties are published in conjunction with each fare basis. If several different fares are used to construct an itinerary, it is feasible that each leg of travel may have a different change fee/penalty.  Further from  Change Fee Travel within/Between 50 U.S./Puerto Rico/U.S. Virgin Islands, And Transborder U.S./Canada or, to/from Hawaii.  Check Fare Rules. Change Fees Vary.  Once a ticket has been reissued, the new issue date will determine the change fee amount.

So just what is American’s change fee for which they offer another fee in order to avoid?  Is it $150.00 or does it vary by several factors?  And is it even applicable on all non-refundable tickets?  Baffled?  So are we.


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