$5.50 Resort Fee For a $36.00 Rodeway Inn Room

It is one thing to pay a resort fee at a fancy property somewhere in the Caribbean where one can sip piña coladas while lounging at poolside under a palm tree swaying in the light breeze with a view of the deep azure sea nearby. True, those mandatory resort fees are usually overpriced and sometimes inexplicable, but at least the atmosphere and environment of the resort exceeds the frustration of possibly being gouged…

…but to pay a mandatory $5.50 resort fee per day for a $36.00 room at a Rodeway Inn property in Kissimmee, Florida near Walt Disney World is outrageous and a scam, according to some people.

A representative from one property in California claims “that all hotels less than a mile from Disneyland are required to charge it” because the properties themselves within what is known as the Anaheim Resort District are charged in order for the signage in the area to be more visually appealing. Could this be the case in Florida as well?


One response to “$5.50 Resort Fee For a $36.00 Rodeway Inn Room

  1. What a bunch of HOOEY! Geez, will it ever end? Not as long as we continue to frequent these places/airlines etc. JUST SAY NO!

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