TruPrice Mentioned in Cleveland Plain Dealer

TruPri¢e was mentioned in an article called Air travel costs grow murky with fees, but officials, websites aim to clear prices up, written by Alison Grant, who is the business reporter covering the aviation and legal industries for The Plain Dealer in Cleveland.

However, a quote attributed to David Castelveter, a spokesman for the Air Transport Association, caught our attention: “Why, when I go to the movie, am I not buying all my popcorn and Snowcaps ahead of time?”

Your point is well taken, Mr. Castelveter, except for one minor issue: popcorn and Sno Caps were typically not included in the ticket price of a movie at a theater and usually cost extra. Many airline services which which were once included in the price of an airline ticket, such as checking luggage and creating a reservation or itinerary, now cost extra due to ancillary fees, which is one reason for the frustration experienced and felt by airline passengers. More analogous to your example would be if theaters started charging a projectionist fee, a fee to sit in what would be considered an optimal seat for viewing the movie, and a fee to purchase the theater ticket in person at the box office.

According to the article, Mr. Castelveter also states,“The fees are identified. They’re easily found on the carriers’ web sites. The transparency is there.”

Our first-hand experience in finding greater than 700 fees associated with 17 domestic airlines indicates that that statement is not completely true.


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