Travel Agencies Want Ancillary Fees Included in Their Bookings

Travel agencies are pushing to get the extra fees that airlines charge included in the bookings they make for travelers, according to a report in the Green Bay Press-Gazette.

Currently, customers booking airline flights through traditional or Internet travel agencies can only pay for airfares excluding ancillary fees. Although they can check with TruPri¢e to find out in advance how much they can expect to pay for airfares inclusive of fees, they must see airline agents at the airport to pay for other ancillary services, such as bag checking, seat assignments and meals.

Not only does the refusal of the airlines to share their fee data potentially prevents its passengers to clearly see how much is the true price of their airfare with the fees included, but it also reportedly hurts the customer service of travel agencies electronically. Travel agents allegedly claim that they are at a competitive disadvantage to the Internet booking sites of airlines, where travelers can choose — and pay for — some of the services they want.

According to the Interactive Travel Services Association, which represents online travel agencies, more than half of trips are booked through corporate travel agencies, travel agents and Internet travel web sites.


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