“$7.50 ‘Triage Fee’”: Jay Leno

Jay Leno reportedly joked that flight attendants aboard a United Airlines flight, which encountered severe turbulence over Kansas on July 20 and injured dozens of people on board, administered first aid only to passengers who paid a $7.50 “triage fee.” According to The New York Times, “it was a bit of morbid humor reflecting the view that airline fees are out of control.”

The airline fees that seem to test the limits of the traveler the most include:

  • Ticket Change Fees
  • Standby Travel Fees
  • Telephone Reservation Fees
  • Peak Travel Surcharges

One response to ““$7.50 ‘Triage Fee’”: Jay Leno

  1. Good, I’m glad he joked about this. The more people talk/write/joke about these outrageous fees the better!

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