Allegiant Air Fees: The $262.00 Surprise

John Edmisten of Glendale, California recently wrote to a weblog authored by Catharine Hamm for the Los Angeles Times, “We recently needed to purchase two round-trip airline tickets to Missoula, Montana, on short notice and used Allegiant Air’s website. The surprise came with the additional fees, which totaled $262. There was no further online description of these fees.”

Mr. Edmisten was surprised at the $100 cost for two checked bags and at a seat selection fee of $48 because he was asked if he would like to sit together with his travel companion, to which he responded ‘yes’ without thinking that he would be charged a fee for that. He also paid approximately $40 for a priority boarding fee for which he doesn’t recall asking, and a “convenience fee” of almost $30 that he also had not expected.

Some airlines will charge you a fee no matter what. Depending on the airline, the “convenience fee” can be charged for human contact in person or via the telephone to purchase an airline ticket, or it could be for the convenient use of purchasing your airline ticket on the Internet web site of the airline. What other choice does one really have in order to purchase an airline ticket?!?

TruPri¢e attempts to help passengers avoid being surprised at the airport by airline fees by giving the true price of the airfare — including fees — before even leaving the comfort of their homes or the convenience of their offices to embark on their journeys.

As the aforementioned weblog states, in order to avoid paying airline fees, use a carry-on bag (except on Spirit Airlines), do not ask for more legroom, and do not ask to board first, amongst other things. Be careful, however: as allegedly happened to John Edmisten on Allegiant Air, you might be asked questions such as if you would like to move to a different seat, as though it were a free service. Do not take any question asked to you by airline personnel for granted, as it may cost you like it did Mr. Edmisten. Always ask first if there is a fee or cost involved before deciding on what you want and authorizing the airline to implement your decision.


One response to “Allegiant Air Fees: The $262.00 Surprise

  1. Crooks, out right thievery. Thanks for letting us know what airline not to fly. Of course, I’m boycotting flying altogether, I wish others would join me.

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