Ancillary Credit Card Fees: Sneaky?

Perhaps TruPri¢e should venture into credit card fees.

According to Geoff Williams, a contributing writer of WalletPop, while some credit card fees are going to be outlawed due to the Credit Card Act, which aims to have credit card fees be fairer to the consumer and will be in effect as of August 22, 2010, many credit cards are simply creating new fees — or turning to some tried and true “oldies” — to replace them.

These old and new fees include:

  • The return of the annual fee
  • The foreign transaction fee, in addition to all of the airline fees one must encounter when traveling internationally
  • The cash advance fee
  • The paper statement fee
  • The set-up fee
  • Reward redemption fee
  • Reward recovery fee

More of the story regarding the latest in sneaky credit card fees may be found here.

These fees seem rather similar to some of the ancillary fees imposed by airlines…


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