TruPrice Featured on MSNBC

MSNBC writer Rob Lovitt featured TruPri¢e in the Travel Tips section of as one of the 5 new sites for Web-savvy travelers. Here is an excerpt from his report:

As a former airline employee turned independent Internet entrepreneur, Christopher Muise brings a both-sides-now perspective to the current state of air travel.

In his former life, Muise typically flew non-rev, i.e., for free, one of the standard perks for those in the industry. Recently, though, he booked his first seat in 13 years as a member of the flying public and got a rather unpleasant surprise: “I had to pay a fee to choose my seat, something I’d never had to do before.”

But instead of getting mad, Muise (and his associates) got to thinking: “What if we created a website where consumers could go and find all of the ancillary fees they might encounter, combine it with fare and schedule information, and come up with the true price of their travel?”

The result is, one of several travel websites that have launched recently…

The airlines collected $1.8 billion in ancillary fees during the first three months of this year and their 2010 haul will almost certainly top the $7.8 billion they took in last year. Even more galling, all those add-on fees make it all but impossible to know the actual price of a flight before you buy your ticket.

Enter TruPrice ( Debuting in June and now in beta testing, the site covers 13 U.S. airlines, lists 39 separate fees and automatically recalculates those apples-to-oranges base fares according to who charges for what services and amenities. While you currently have to do your initial flight-search elsewhere, the company is pursuing efforts to incorporate fare and schedule information into the site itself.


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