General Accounting Office: Disclose Airline Fees

“It’s time passengers were made fully aware of all those extra fees airlines have started charging,” according to an article in The Washington Post, attributing that statement to the General Accounting Office.

“Information on some of these fees is available only through airline Web sites and is not uniformly disclosed through the various channels travelers use to buy tickets, including aggregators such as Expedia and Travelocity and travel agencies, the GAO said. But all ticket purveyors should be required to disclose the fees in a clear and uniform manner, the office recommended.”

That is one of the main reasons for the launching and existence of TruPri¢e.

“Nobody tells Giant (supermarkets) how much to charge for ketchup. Nobody tells movie theaters how much to charge for popcorn, soda and Jujubes, and they’re telling the airlines how much to charge for their services?” David A. Castelveter, a spokesman for the Air Transport Association of America, which represents the industry, reportedly said. “The industry was deregulated for a reason.”

We at TruPri¢e do not disagree, Mr. Castelveter. We do not believe airlines should be told how much to charge for fees, nor be told on what products and services they should and should not charge for fees.

All we want is for the traveling public to understand how much money they would be required to spend on products and services that have fees imposed on them before they venture out on their airline trip, and in a transparent manner. That is one of the main purposes of TruPri¢e.


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