Do airlines care if their fees don’t match from one source to another?

In the electronic age, many of us have experienced cyberspace surprises when hyperlinks remain active whether they link to accurate information or not.  From desktop shortcuts to bookmarks to online manuals, information mapping, or lack of it, can often leave references and links active to irrelevant, misleading, or completely inaccurate information.

So why am I “Muising” about this?  Because TruPrice devotes significant resources to finding accurate fees so you don’t have to.  We strive for accuracy down to each antler or golf bag.  But even we can be baffled.  During several searches, I’ve found published links that are attached to an airline’s homepage that say something completely different from, say, the same airline’s inflight magazine, press release, or even its contract of carriage.  So what do we do?  We look for the most recent link or release from an official airline source to find the most current information.  But what does this do for an airline’s liability?  Since unbundling has become so popular and shows no signs of going away, can a passenger site a contract of carriage that states that the first checked bag is free while the airline’s website says its $25.  And should the airline’s honor these discrepancies?  Do the airlines even care?

I think we haven’t seen or heard the last of this issue yet.  In fact, we may be just beginning.


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