American Airlines Poses a $150.00 Name Change Fee?

Is American Airlines imposing a $150.00 fee for changing one’s name, as in after a woman gets married?

Not exactly.

A woman was reportedly on the telephone with an American Airlines agent when trying to change her last name on a ticket after a recent marriage, even though she possesses valid identification in both her former last name and current last name. The part that bothered her more than the fee was that she was not told until after the agent had changed her last name on the ticket that she was going to be charged a $150.00 fee for changing her name.

She eventually managed to get American Airlines to change her name back on the ticket so that she would not be charged the $150.00 fee after all.

By the way, the $150.00 fee was a general ticketing change fee — as in changing the ticket itself — not in changing one’s name specifically.

Our advice to recently married women is if you had already booked an airline ticket using your maiden name or last name before you became married, do not call the airline to change your name on the ticket — otherwise you may be charged a ticket change fee. Instead, use your valid identification with your maiden name or previous last name before you were married to avoid paying a possible ticket change fee.


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