Airline Snack Prices Cause British Passengers to Protest

The Daily Mirror in the United Kingdom reports that more airline passengers than ever are taking their own food on board aircraft in protest at the sky-high cost of airline snacks, reportedly greater than US$6.00 for a sandwich and greater than US$4.50 for a cup of tea.

Not only is the cost of airline snacks more expensive than similar offerings at supermarkets, but as many as one-third of British airline passengers perceive the food as being of lesser quality.

As a result, many passengers are either eating before boarding their flights or transporting food in their carry-on luggage.

“Most UK airlines have now scrapped meals on all but business class and longhaul flights. And their snack prices are way above that of supermarkets,” according to The Daily Mirror report. “EasyJet and Monarch both charge £3.50 for a sandwich which would cost an average of £2 in a supermarket. Ryanair is the most expensive at £4.39 for a sandwich and £2.63 for a tea. The huge mark-ups, plus check-in fees, excess baggage charges and credit card fees, rake in millions for the airlines.”


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