Fees for Pay Toilets and Standing Room Only on Airplanes?

If Ireland-based Ryanair has its way, it will not only charge its passengers a fee to use the lavatories aboard its aircraft, but it will also remove up to ten rows of seats from its aircraft and charge some passengers for “standing room only” flights while increasing its passenger load per flight.

According to guardian.co.uk, a certain percentage of the standing slots will be free to passengers, while the others will incur a charge of €5 to €10, or £4 to £8. The aircraft lavatory could cost £1 per use.

One solution to offsetting these proposed fees could be to win a luxury break in a contest offered by Ryanair — but be forewarned that the fee for each entry is £2.

In unrelated news, Ryanair plans to increase the price of check-in luggage from £15 to £20 for the next two months


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