There Are Fees for Air Conditioning and Towels?!?

Yes, there are ancillary fees for such amenities as toiletries, towel rental, air conditioning, hair dryer, Internet connection, room cleaning and other fees if you stay at a Tune Hotel, which advertises “5-star beds at 1-star prices.”

Not only can you see all of the Tune Hotel add-ons, but you may also view the Tune Hotels Fee Schedule which, depending on the hotel property in which you stay, includes fees for such services as administration, cancellations, name changes, call centre bookings, luggage storage and credit card processing, amongst other fees.

Tune Hotels is a natural extension of its founder, who also launched AirAsia, a Malaysia-based low-cost airline.

The concept is clear: why pay for amenities you may not need if all you want is a bed in which to sleep in a comfortable, clean room?

We are not knocking this concept; rather, we think it is a good idea if you know what fees you might expect to pay before you travel. That $53 room rate may actually be a real bargain if you do not need a towel or air conditioning…


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