What Happens to the Paid Checked Baggage Fee if Items are Missing From Your Checked Baggage?

What if you paid a fee for checking your baggage, only to have items from your baggage allegedly stolen?

A member of FlyerTalk allegedly had a brand-new Apple iPhone 4 stolen. It was at the bottom of a checked bag while traveling to Europe, but it was gone.

What recourse would this person have if this person paid a fee to the airline to have the baggage checked, only to have items allegedly stolen from it? Does one receive a refund of the checked baggage fee, at the very least? Does one receive the value of the missing items? Is there a burden of proof involved that the airline is culpable?


2 responses to “What Happens to the Paid Checked Baggage Fee if Items are Missing From Your Checked Baggage?

  1. Lorenzo Mercier

    I paid to check my bag , only to receive it damaged. Delta sent my bag out for repair. Two weeks later I received my bag with a hideous repair, albeit functional, my bag no longer matches the rest of my set. No appology, no refund. Wondering how any one could possibly believe this so called repair would be acceptable, I phoned delta only to be told I would have to go back to the airport to make my report, with the bag.

  2. Christopher Muise

    This begs the question of what you are actually getting for your fee. If you buy a ticket to a movie and the projector goes down mid-movie, wouldn’t you ask and receive a refund? And would you have to answer whether or not you liked the movie? If your concert is canceled, don’t you get a refund or an option for another date? Even if you blew your tire on the way to the show and couldn’t make it anyway? If your satellite television crashes because of a faulty DVR, aren’t you credited the time you didn’t receive your TV signal? Even if your TV is struck by lightning and you can’t receive the signal anyway? The answer to all of these is a resounding YES. When you pay a fee for anything, the burden of proof is on the supply side. You did not get what you paid for. End of story. So if your baggage is damaged and you’ve paid a fee for boarding it, shouldn’t the burden of proof be on Delta to replace it? Yes. Lorenzo, you have right to be angry. For Delta to send out your bag for repair is an admission that the projector broke, the concert was canceled, and your dish malfunctioned. End of story. They should fix your problem. Thank you for your comment.

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