TruPrice considering adding airline quality ratings. What are your thoughts?

From J.D. Power and Associates to SkyTrax to Zagat to Air Transport World and many others, several companies attempt to provide unbiased reviews of airline quality.

TruPrice is exploring the option of adding an airline quality rating to our site to help consumers make more informed decisions around their air travel.  We envision a filtering option that allows consumers to view fees side-by-side with on-time, lost baggage, completion/cancellation rate, etc. information.

What airline quality ratings would you like to see on TruPrice? Do you think ratings would be valuable and would they influence your purchasing decisions?

Let us know.


2 responses to “TruPrice considering adding airline quality ratings. What are your thoughts?

  1. Oh please do! The airlines have really gotten out of hand, haven’t they? They are ripping us off left and right and it’s time we consumers took a stand. It’s out right deceit, all done in a perfectly “legal” way. Air travel is so troublesome and expensive these days we just drive now. They lost our business, how about you?

  2. Christopher Muise

    For many people driving is not an option; especially those in the business sector for whom time management is essential. And flying helps generate billions of dollars in commerce and tourism dollars for our economy. While we do not challenge the free market and the airlines’ ability to make a profit, we do feel consumers should know what they’re paying for before they fly. We agree with you that the flying public is not asking too much to know the true price of a ticket.

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