Can Travelers Learn to Love Airline Fees?

A story posted by ABC News, authored by Editor at Large of Smarter Travel Tim Winship, asks the question:

Can Travelers Learn to Love Airline Fees?

At TruPri¢e, we actually believe that travelers can learn to love airline fees — if implemented properly.

Travelers need to know what are the fees they may expect to encounter before they become passengers on an airline. This way, they are prepared to pay for any potential extra charges before leaving for the airport, rather than be surprised at the ticket counter, the gate or on-board the aircraft.

While some Internet sites offer limited information about airline fees, there is currently no consolidated area for a comprehensive comparison of airline fees to be found. This is the main purpose of the service offered by TruPri¢e.

More importantly, the purpose of unbundling airline fees from the cost of a ticket should lower the total cost of air travel to those who do not use the products and services offered by airlines.

We at TruPri¢e are not “anti-airline” or against airlines making profits. We simply believe that the travel experience for passengers should be transparent in terms of cost, as pleasant an experience as possible, and provide as much value for each dollar spent as possible.

Please leave a comment and tell us: based on your experience, has air travel become less expensive due to the unbundling of fees from airfares for products and services you do not use?


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