Ancillary Fees: Are Cities Next?

It is bad enough when one has to encounter a plethora of fees from airlines, hotel properties, car rentals, banks and mobile telephone services. It is even worse when the fees are not immediately transparent to the consumer, thereby surprising the consumer with spending additional money unexpectedly.

However, when Cities Jack Up Fees, but Deficits Are Here to Stay, consumers may be left paying more for such services including but not limited to:

  • City sports leagues and tournaments
  • Property and utility taxes
  • “False alarm” fees on those residents with security systems
  • Yard-waste fees
  • Local gasoline taxes
  • “Fire utility fees” to utility bills
  • Vehicle registration
  • Trash collection

…all while the cities most likely remain in a deficit.

Is this fair? Should TruPri¢e consider future expansion to compare cities and the fees they impose side-by-side to assist one in deciding in which city the cost of living is lowest for desired services?


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