How to Save on Hotel Fees

Yesterday we listed the top 10 unscrupulous hotel fees.

Here is some advice on how to save on some of those fees:

Internet Usage Fee: Save up to $30 per day by limiting Internet usage to places which offer reduced cost — or even complimentary — Internet service, such as Starbucks. This may not be as convenient as accessing the Internet from your own hotel room, but is the convenience really worth the added expense? Better yet, consider staying at a hotel property that offers free Internet access altogether.

Mini-Bar: A quick trip to a local grocery store or supermarket will not only save you money on similar products, but most of the time you will be able to get a larger size of the product for less money as well. If your room is equipped with a microwave oven and a refrigerator, you can even save money on dining out by shopping for fresh salads and prepared meals when going out for a quick food shopping run.

Porterage Fee: Pack light. Not only will you save money on the porterage fee at a hotel property if you can transport your luggage yourself, but you may also save on baggage fees charged by the airlines on which you are a passenger if you decide to fly to your destination.

Resort Fee: Often, hotels charge resort fees just because they can, even if you do not use any of their facilities or services. If you do not need or will not use the facilities and services offered by a resort, shop and compare nearby hotel properties that are not resorts to save money.

Fitness Center Fees: There are many ways to exercise and keep in shape without the use of fitness center equipment, and they are only an Internet search away.

Valet Parking Fee: Speaking of exercise, unless you absolutely have no choice and are transporting a lot of luggage, consider parking the vehicle yourself away from the hotel property and give yourself a nice invigorating walk while saving money in the process. By the way, valet parking fees do not include tips to those who park your vehicle.

Early Check-In Fee: It may be worth paying a luggage storage fee of a couple of bucks and storing your luggage at the hotel while getting a head start on exploring your destination or enjoying a meal at a restaurant instead of paying $20 to $50 to check in early.

Of course, being an elite member of a frequent guest loyalty program will offset some or many of the above fees if you stay at enough properties within the chain of the hotel brand.


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