Top 10 Unscrupulous Hotel Fees

Hotels are expected to earn $1.7 billion in fees in 2010, according to an America On-Line Travel article by Terry Ward, which lists the top 10 unscrupulous hotel fees:

10. Internet Usage
$10 to $30 per day

9. Resort Fees
$15 per day, often far more expensive

8. Porterage Fee
This fee is in addition to a tip, if charged this fee

7. Valet Parking
$20 to $50 per night

6. Energy Surcharges
As little as a couple of dollars per room, or as much as ten percent of your overall bill

5. Luggage Storage Fee
A couple of dollars, but the fee can vary

4. In-Room Safe Fees
One to three dollars

3. Fitness Center Fees
This fee can be as expensive as $40 per day

2. Mini-Bar Restocking Fee
In addition to what you pay for each overpriced item in the mini-bar in the room, there is a chance the hotel will charge up to a $6 restocking fee

1. Early Check-In Fees
$20 to $50

Are these services and products really worth the extra fees?


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