TruPrice in USA Today, Dallas Morning News, Other Media

The first press release of TruPri¢e has been sent out recently and has appeared in media all over the world, including USA Today:

Here is the press release in its entirety:

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) June 10, 2010

Airline Fees Are No Match for TruPrice.

TruPrice, as stated in The Washington Post, “will almost certainly change the way we buy tickets.”

TruPrice redefines travel search by allowing consumers to choose from dozens of additional fees commonly charged by airlines and combining those fees with fares and schedules. With unprecedented ease, air travel consumers will be able to make side-by-side comparisons of base fares, taxes, and user-selected fees to show the true price of their itinerary.

While airlines advertise their base prices openly, the actual cost of your flight is often secret until you finish the booking process — and sometimes you don’t find out until you arrive at the airport, leaving you, the traveler, confused, angry, and unexpectedly reaching for your credit card so that you can actually get on the airplane.

TruPrice, a company formed by a group of aviation and travel industry experts and a veteran frequent flyer, is determined to eliminate the confusion and anger, and will enable customers to keep more of their hard-earned money as the world’s first search engine capable of allowing users to select anticipated fees and combining those fees into base fares and taxes for a true a side-by-side comparison of actual travel prices.

“So far, we’ve discovered more than 40 publicly available fees that travelers can encounter,” said Christopher Muise, president and CEO of TruPrice, “and the list is growing.” Muise, who spent 13 years with Delta Air Lines in several leadership positions including three years in Delta’s Board Room as part of the Delta Board Council, is in a much better position to find out what a trip will cost than most passengers, but even he doesn’t find it an easy task. “It can take hours to find fees for just one airline.”

“It’s an impossible situation,” says Brian Cohen, TruPrice’s Chief Marketing Officer. Cohen knows from experience — he has been a frequent flyer for 22 years, 18 of them as an elite-level status member. “Every airline has its own list of fees and surcharges and nobody is expert enough to be familiar with each and every one. Depending on each airline’s fees, a $500 itinerary on one airline might wind up costing you more than an $800 ticket on another,” Cohen said.

As an example, a sample flight from JFK to LAX on June 15th shows base fares and taxes on three airlines ranging from $198.00 to $218.00 one way – not much of a spread. However, once TruPrice recalculated the fare accounting for 3 checked bags with the third bag being oversized and overweight, the true price of the tickets ranged from $458.00 to $883.00 on the same three airlines. “That’s why we’re establishing the TruPrice engine. When you look for a flight, TruPrice will guide you step-by-step to find out the fees that are expected to be added to an airfare. Then it will tell you the true price that your trip will cost you on the various airlines that offer that route,” said Muise.

While initially focused on fees for domestic travel itineraries, TruPrice plans to add international and destination-specific fees to its site quickly. “We will do this, but we don’t want to delay the initial launching of TruPrice,” said Muise. “We will begin with fees which represent most of the air travel by Americans. Then, the sky’s the limit.” Slated for a June 30th launch, TruPrice has produced some clever videos capturing the frustration of the flying public and posted them to YouTube on its TruPriceItNow channel.

TruPrice, as stated in The Washington Post, “will almost certainly change the way we buy tickets.”


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