Thank You For Your Patience!

We apologize for not keeping you up to date on what has been happening at TruPrice. Yes, we are absolutely still around, but there have been some positive developments that have had TruPrice change directions several times since we were to post what we were originally supposed to announce this past April. We will let you know what they are as soon as we confirm them.

Thank you so much for your patience!


TruPrice Set to Launch Bold and Innovative New Site Powered by CTECKSOFT

We at TruPrice have been committed to partnering with a highly competent, motivated, and out-of-the box software partner.  After a lengthy search, I am extremely pleased and excited to announce that TruPrice has entered into a dynamic partnership with innovative software company CTECKSOFT .  This partnership will fulfill the promise that we believe TruPrice has had since day one of its launch.  Driven by CTECKSOFT’s technology expertise, look for TruPrice to re-launch with a bold new look and an intuitive interface.  Check back soon for our updated site and beta.  We continue to remain absolutely committed to providing the world with the most comprehensive and accurate fee information in an easy-to-use and pleasing design.


Will You Be Charged Fees for Carry-On Baggage By the Transportation Security Administration?

Seth Miller, author of The Wandering Aramean weblog, reports that the Transportation Security Administration, or TSA, might be considering charging passengers fees for transporting carry-on baggage through airport security checkpoints in the future because the costs to screen carry-on bags is increasing, possibly in response to passengers avoiding checking their baggage to avoid checked baggage fees.

There is only one problem with this: passengers are already charged fees for using airport security checkpoints in the United States. Simply look at the taxes and fees section of the airfare for which you paid.

If this idea is actually implemented, could this be a form of double taxation? Does the Transportation Security Administration need additional funds to stay in operation? Is this possible proposal a good idea?

A Video About Airline Fees in the United States — From Taiwan

An Interview with Richard Anderson

A local television station in the Atlanta area interviewed Richard Anderson, the chief executive officer of Delta Air Lines, about the eventual proliferation of aircraft by Southwest Airlines at the international airport in Atlanta, airfares, unions — and fees:

“Are you contemplating any changes in your policies especially when it comes to fees and change fees and whatever, in order to meet this competition head on?” Bill Liss of WXIA-TV asked.

“All you need to do is sign up for an American Express SkyMiles card, and all your bags are free,” Anderson said.

“What happens if I don’t sign up?” Liss asked.

“Well just sign up, and so we don’t have to talk about it,” Anderson said.

“So you don’t necessarily see any changes in your bag fee or changes in change fees or anything, simply because Southwest is coming in?” Liss asked.

“We make those decisions unilaterally, so normally I would not speak about fares or pricing issues in the future,” Anderson said.

That means, at least for now, no American Express SkyMiles Card — pay the baggage fee. Change your flight and expect a fee.

Premium International Economy Comfort Class Introduced on Delta Air Lines — For a Fee

Delta Air Lines announced today that a new international Economy Comfort section for long-haul flights will be introduced this summer, with features that include complimentary alcoholic beverages throughout the flight, additional leg room, slightly more seat recline, a specially designed seat cover, additional complimentary in-flight entertainment options, and in-seat power for electronic devices.

A fee of between US$80.00 and US$160.00 will be assessed for those passengers who want seats in this new economy class section, but will be complimentary for Diamond Medallion and Platinum Medallion Delta Air Lines SkyMiles members and up to eight of their companions. Gold Medallion SkyMiles members will be eligible for a 50% discount on the fee for these seats, while Silver Medallion SkyMiles members will be eligible for a 25% discount.

Paying the fee for this new product offered by Delta Air Lines can offset and supersede other existing fees, such as fees for alcoholic beverages and certain options for in-flight entertainment, both of which can help make a long-haul international flight more tolerable.

Depending on the weight one places on the comfort and amenities offered with Economy Comfort, the fee may actually be worth it. If, however, one brings one’s own portable media player, does not imbibe in alcoholic beverages, does not need the upgraded features of the seats that are designed to offer slightly extra comfort, skip this option as the value of these benefits would not justify the fees.

Fees Cause a 462% Increase on Airfare!

Poor Carol Margolis did not expect the onslaught of fees she would experience on a 22-day trip to Dublin from Glasgow that initially cost approximately US$22.oo for the one-hour Aer Lingus flight.

Once the fees she had to pay due to such items as extra baggage and overweight baggage were added, she wound up paying the true price of £69.28 instead of the original £14.99 airfare.

Read all about her fee woes and travails here in her weblog